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Bathroom renovation: “back to nature”

Elegant, comfortable, functional and spacious. How to furnish your bathroom in line with the latest glam trends!

The latest bathroom renovation trends are in keeping with the new approach to experiencing the home, the need to feel comfortable and safe, surrounded by beauty, but with a return to simplicity. So the accent is on elegance, but above all comfort.

In the photo, Summer

The star of this new approach is the “back to nature” concept: bringing nature indoors to create relaxing atmospheres and a healthier, regenerating environment. These trends are reflected in the choice of natural materials and restful colours reminiscent of the earthy shades of the surrounding landscape.

The wall coverings that embody these trends feature imperfect patterns with a vibrant, material appeal that evokes tactile sensations. The larger sizes enhance the space, adding depth and boosting the airy sense of freedom, even indoors.

Alongside this pursuit of nature, the new trends also focus on rigorous geometries, shapes that might appear in contrast with one another, but which actually respond to a need for order, space and functionality.
This means squared washbasins and bathtubs, large, transparent shower enclosures, wall-hung units with compact sizes and simple shapes, for a reassuring, uncluttered look.

The sensation of space is also enhanced by the light, just as an essential feature in bathroom renovation projects as the covering materials, because of their contribution to creating the hallmark mood and atmosphere of the setting. 

The new demand for harmony and positivity requires simple choices here too: spaces with natural lighting, if possible from large windows, and soft, pleasing artificial light, and transparencies to expand visual perception.

In the photo, Summer

A particularly engaging look is achieved thanks to the vibrant character of the ceramic material, with increasingly evocative, richly nuanced bathroom tiles, with colours distinctly inspired by nature, free to express themselves thanks to the clean-cut lines of the composition, designed to enhance well-being and relaxation and creating a little oasis in the bathroom. 

Bathroom renovation? Back to nature!