Bathroom furnishing: advantages of the large size

Bathroom furnishing: advantages of the large size

Why choose the large size... also for bathroom furnishing

Why choose the large size... also for bathroom furnishing

Bathroom tiles are fundamental for determining the style and mood of the room. They are the essential starting point from which to make subsequent furnishing and accessory choices. So, take your time!

The most intimate and regenerative room of the house definitely deserves all our attention. This is most of all because little time is often dedicated to the bathroom and so it’s necessary to have technical materials that are resistant to stresses, humidity and detergents, such as floors in porcelain stoneware, which guarantee beauty and cleanliness, safety and performance, full comfort and peace of mind.

Nothing is better for creating a sense of style than the large size, a leading trend in interior design thanks to the possibility of covering walls and floors with few slabs and its many advantages:

  • reduces the joints,
  • lends a pleasing sense of continuity,
  • increases the spaciousness and airiness of the environment,
  • makes the surfaces more beautiful and practical, also in terms of installation and cleaning.

The large size in porcelain stoneware also ensures great performances: it’s anti-slip, unalterable over time, it doesn’t absorb, it’s resistant to chemical substances and sudden changes in temperature, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require maintenance.   

FAP’s 120x120 project, besides guaranteeing all the virtues of large-size stoneware, offers infinite scope for inspiration with a wide range of choices for defining the interior design according to on the type of building, style, and personal inspiration and taste.   

120x120, in fact, offers different surfaces within the same project: glossy and matt finish and different textures, in line with the most original modern furnishing trends, establishing itself as a kaleidoscopic and versatile ceramic collection of coverings for the bathroom!

arredo moderno

Roma Diamond 120x120 is an icon of beauty, timeless and extraordinarily contemporary.

A shiny marble porcelain effect in six refined hues, rich in reflections and crystalline veins which, thanks to the width of the size, lend brilliance and light to the environment, without interruptions, without compromises and without joints.

Nord 120x120 is a pure, essential stone, rich in details.

The surfaces in matt stone-effect stoneware are enhanced by light shadings and the occasional refined fossil image, which are brought out by the large size and by the neutral colourings, ideal for a contemporary, essential and total look with character.

Maku 120x120 interprets the eternal fascination of natural stone, tactile and contemporary, made in matt stone-effect stoneware, with coordinated coverings in white paste.

The surfaces are enhanced with extremely natural veining in four soft and warm shades, for a decidedly captivating final result.

Milano&Floor 120x120 encapsulates contemporary appeal, thanks to the measured elegance of pleasantly tactile, irregular and soft surfaces. Floors in resin-effect stoneware with matt finish, made with a warm and delicate palette which, together with the large size, contributes to increasing the fascination of the surfaces and to creating enchanting settings.

arredo moderno


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