Bathroom design. Fap playlist

Bathroom design. Fap playlist

Italian Bathroom Design is famous worldwide for its beauty, excellent performance and unique style. Here’s our bathroom design playlist.

Italian Bathroom Design is famous worldwide for its beauty, excellent performance and unique style. Here’s our bathroom design playlist.


Bathroom design is perhaps one of the most stimulating aspects in the work of architects and design engineers. If the setting is complex and challenging, the style results often offer endless satisfaction, from both an aesthetic and a practical, functional perspective, thanks to ceramic surfaces that are increasingly technical, offering impressive performance and sophisticated design.

Bathroom trends include the following: floor-to ceiling solutions, both for bathroom tiles and furnishings, to offer increased space by containing and concealing everything required thanks to multi-functional, versatile designer bathroom units, perhaps made to measure.   

There is also a growing focus on accent walls used to highlight particular areas of the bathroom, such as the back wall of the shower, or the washbasin area, with new textures, material and 3D structures to embellish the setting.


The new Bloom collection is right in line with all these trends, perfect for floor-to-ceiling looks created with a very small number of elements so as to limit joints and enhance the beauty of the surfaces: just three slabs are sufficient for a height of 2.4 metres, thanks to the largest white-body size, measuring 80x160, with both plain and patterned 3D versions: Print, Star, Metal Inserto, Bloom Rose.

And as for accent walls:

In addition to the rich variety of patterns and colours the basic elements of the collection come in, Bloom offers three different inserts conceived for this very function: authentic ceramic works of art, in the rectified 160x240 size.

Bloom Dandelion offers an austere, elegant take on the floral theme; Bloom Delave recalls a fading sunset, while Bloom Jungle brings a fresh, sophisticated slant to the plant theme.
In rotation, our designer bathroom playlist features the beauty of Lumina Stone, a series of stone-effect stoneware tiles with a decidedly material quality.

The series is a perfect imitation of nature, featuring surprisingly, totally original graphics for a ceramic product: sculptural effects, incisions and small scratched effects, 3D decorations that invite the observer to reach out and touch the surfaces to understand what they’re made of.
Rock, Flower, Edge, Mosaic Wall, Peak.

It’s difficult to describe the appeal of Lumina Stone, because the multi-sensory experience it offers cannot be pinned down into any category or standard definition. We imagine it in the kind of bathroom dreams are made of, in a spa or luxury hotel. Seeing is believing!

Mat&More brings our playlist to a dynamic, lively close, with its relief geometries and 3D textures standing out spectacularly against matt backgrounds similar to fabrics that envelop the walls in beauty.


This unique, original white-body tile turns contrast into an art form, making it perfect for creating accent walls able to furnish the whole room and bring character to it: we’re thinking in particular of Mat&More Deco, with its sparkling and matt quarter-moon shapes, and Mat&More Domino, with its glistening, multi-faceted relief effects.

The composition options are virtually endless.


And of course the Fap designer bathroom music doesn’t end here!

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