A bath with a view?

A bath with a view?

Bath with a view. How to please the customer by striking the perfect balance between exhibitionism and intimacy

Bath with a view.
How to please the customer by striking the perfect balance between exhibitionism and intimacy.

Luxury hotel bathrooms

The latest trend in bathroom interior design is the Bath with a view, particularly in luxury and spa hotels! The “bath with a view” bedroom is becoming more and more popular, with the bathroom taking centre stage.
These rooms feature a seamless and expansive layout, often centred around a  freestanding bathtub strategically positioned in front of large windows or openings that provide stunning views of skylines, cityscapes or natural environments.

There are no dividing walls or boundaries, except those that are perfectly placed. The bathroom is seamlessly integrated into the suite and offers an outside view that feels like a private CinemaScope. It gives the impression of being suspended or completely immersed in the surrounding landscape, whether it’s an urban or rural setting.

Design for a bath with a view

Baths with a view, private spas, suites and terraces with a bathtub or pool can be found all over the world, showcasing the elevated level of luxury and well-being that these hotel bathrooms offer.
Whether it overlooks Parisian boulevards, a New York park, the Australian coastline or rests atop the Maldivian waters, the interior design of a bathroom with a panoramic view must meet the needs of privacy and intimacy. The view must be exclusive, allowing guests the pleasure of enjoying the view without being seen.

Guests in the bathrooms of luxury hotels have the privilege of dominating the surrounding space, sweeping their gaze from the bathtub or bed while experiencing a sense of complete privacy.

For the furnishings, we recommend transparent crystals to seal the spaces, hi-tech details and accessories, opting for sleek, elegant yet essential lines that make the most of the bath with a view.

The floor-level bathtub is also interesting. Positioned on a raised floor akin to a stage, it offers an even broader and more privileged view of the outdoors.

Panoramic bathrooms
Panoramic bathrooms

In this case, the choice of the floor plays a pivotal role as it serves as a furnishing and decorative element, while also ensuring safety and high performance.

Stoneware floors are ideal for large projects or private bathrooms with a view. While the view and floor plan may vary, the pleasure of enjoying a view of the outdoor panorama remains constant.

For modern bathrooms with a view, we envision wall tiles with a raw chic or industrial aesthetic, available in large and extra-large dimensions, which FAP offers in an eclectic and elegant spectrum of colours in the Roma Gold and Ylico collections.


To complete the décor, opt for large-format stoneware floor tiles to enhance the sense of spaciousness within the room. Additionally, customised ceramic washbasin tops and shelves can be incorporated, along with a large shower enclosure slightly set back from the windows to ensure maximum discretion and intimacy.

When the outside view is protected from prying eyes, a freestanding bathtub can be positioned near the windows. To make the space more refined and to enhance the bathroom’s décor, the Decor Box provides a wide range of wall tiles in different styles that offer a multitude of textures, effects and decorations.

Panoramic bathrooms
Panoramic bathrooms


In a more classic bathroom design, we envision a neutral and delicate colour palette with light-toned tiles accompanied by decorative matte and glossy wall tiles that enhance the brightness provided by the windows.

Large-format stoneware floor tiles have the task of fostering a sense of uninterrupted continuity and depth with a minimal number of joints.


If the location is immersed in a natural setting, you can opt for wood-effect stoneware.

The Roots collection is particularly fascinating and true to the essence of oak, from which it draws inspiration.
A tactile, textured wood-effect ceramic with ribbing and matte and glossy finishes.

Panoramic bathrooms