Atelier Fap vintage tiles

Atelier Fap vintage tiles

The Atelier FAP project is a perfect mix of retro styles and contemporary taste.

The Atelier FAP project is a perfect mix of retro styles and contemporary taste. Vintage tiles are in tune with today’s aesthetic sensitivity, meeting the demands of modern life.


Dedicated to those who love the vintage style, modern art enthusiasts, creatives and designers that yield to the allure of démodé aesthetics, objet trouvé and restored antique furniture. The success of vintage can be traced to the imagined and irremediable charm generated by all things consecrated by time.
Vintage is glamour! We find it in fashion magazines, in trendy bars and restaurants, in elegant lounges and in the coolest concept stores.

The secret of the best designed interiors lies in the balance between elements, in the harmonic dialogue between different styles and eras, a harmony that is principally obtained through contrasts. It may seem like an oxymoron, yet it is precisely the combination of past and present that brings out the aesthetic quality of a setting and establishes the personality of a great design.
We naturally start from the base.

The vintage tiles par excellence are the cement tiles, a popular style in the 19th century, today a veritable cult object.

Whimsical geometries, sophisticated patterns and infinite composition possibilities make the cement tile ideal for those who – with ceramics – are looking for creative and decorative effects. Fap has carried out extensive research, innovating the aesthetics of hexagonal cement tiles in porcelain stoneware.

Firenze recounts the mastery of Tuscan craftsmen through vintage hexagonal tiles in sophisticated powdery shades, which reveal all the simplicity of the natural material, enhanced by delicate tone differences and really beautiful decorations.

A change in nuance is all it needs to obtain different atmospheres: the warmth of Tabacco for romantic or country chic settings, Cuoio for rustic and, at the same time, modern contexts; Bianco, Nero or Grigio for a minimal style that has a touch of industrial style, depending on the intended use and furnishings.


Fap offers an original interpretation of cement tiles also in the Roma collection: hexagonal 21.6x25 tiles in marble-effect stoneware (an unusual format for this effect) that creates a refined and current memory of time.

Shades of grey and flashes of brightness in Roma Imperiale; the luminous beauty of marble marked by streaks in Roma Calacatta; the essential and elegant black and white of Roma Statuario (in the photo); finally, Roma Decò, an element that “frames” the beauty of Statuario grafite and Calacatta imperial marble, to create sophisticated and modern carpets, organising space with measured elegance.

A vintage ceramics project inevitably includes wood, with a trendy format of ancient origins: the 7.5x45 Chevron di Fapnest.

The herringbone format takes inspiration from Renaissance wooden floors, which came back into fashion in the 19th century and once more today.

Traditional and contemporary at the same time, the Chevron in wood-effect stoneware makes it possible to create elegant herringbone parquets, changing the layout and colourings, five sophisticated matt essences (Maple, Natural, Oak, Brown and Silver), pulsating with veins, for warm and welcoming interiors.


Another cult object for lovers of vintage is brick, the classic brick typical of industrial architecture, which Fap has reinterpreted in two different ceramic series.

Manhattan recalls the most fascinating lofts of the Big Apple, in a metropolitan and cosmopolitan style. Super-glossy 10x30 brick-effect tiles, which mix the vintage character of irregular surfaces with a glossy effect, brought out by new mineral notes: Grey, Smoke, Pearl, Vintage, Jeans, Black, White, Sand and Beige.

The sophisticated and trendy series is perfect for creating total-colour or glossy walls, both in public areas – such as trendy bars,  open kitchens of restaurants, clothes shops – and in the most intimate rooms in the home, such as, for example, vintage bathroom tiles.

Boston is a combination between past and creative cutting-edge: an essential, more powdery brick, with a lived-in look, ideal in residential and contracted contexts thanks to the presence of the stoneware and the versatility of the 7.5x30 format.

The Boston vintage tiles are characterised by matt surfaces and a soft finish, expressed in a sophisticated colour range - Clay, Cement, Chalk, Blackboard, Petroleum and Sand – an excuse for risking intriguing combinations with inserts and decorations that enrich the collection, such as, for example, the Lavagna, Cemento and Metal Inserto mix.


Atelier Fap also satisfies lovers of marble-effect stoneware with the delicious brick in the Roma collection in 7.5x30 format and four nuances - Statuario, Calacatta, Imperiale and Grafite – which, thanks to the matt effect, lend an exquisitely contemporary feel with all the advantages of stoneware: easy to install and clean, resistant and long-lasting.


Matt is once more found in the stone-effect brick, in the elegantly material Maku collection, apparently porous, ideal for urban chic settings, lofts and wide spaces with a metropolitan taste.

In 7.5x30 format and five colourings with a neutral but decisive character: Dark, Grey, Nut, Sand and Light. Both the collections offer a coordinated series of corners (1x20, 1x7,5, 1x1) for the finishings.

The brick-effect tiles, as well as the cement tiles, allow for great compositional freedom: installed in parallel or the traditional brick pattern, with a 3 mm or 5 mm joint, in a single shade or contrasting…

Lots of ways to personalise the setting depending on your own style and personality.

Don’t put any limits on your creativity.

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