A “Mediterranic” makeover for the bathroom

A “Mediterranic” makeover for the bathroom

When the Mediterranean spirit meets Nordic rigour, giving the bathroom a makeover is a fantastic journey …

When the Mediterranean spirit meets Nordic rigour,
giving the bathroom a makeover is a fantastic journey …

There’s no need to leave home to travel, if our home is a portrait of the journey’s we’ve already been on and those we look forward to. And if you can’t decide which direction to take, all you have to do is choose a “mediterranic” style that brings on board a little Nordic design, teaming it with the warmth of the Mediterranean.

A bathroom makeover thus offers an opportunity to reorganise spaces, and to take a trip every time you step into the room, leaving the chaos of everyday life outside the door. And it’s on our travels from the Mediterranean to the North Sea that we found the inspiration for Summer, a collection of ceramic wall and floor tiles in stoneware, with a clean-cut elegance reminiscent of Nordic minimalism, with its relaxed atmospheres, while at the same time bringing in the warm breeze of an Italian summer, with its vibrant, positive colours.

“Mediterranean + Nordic”: the perfect style for a bathroom makeover to breathe new life into the place for me-time par excellence.

A very small amount of furnishing elements, wall-hung units, transparent features, accessories in natural materials, all in search of a simple, no-frills style that’s both comfortable and easy to move around in, leaving ceramics the task of embellishing the formal rigour with its rich, material appeal and the decorative highlights that are the hallmark of Summer.

A unique collection designed to bring distinctive, individual character to the various areas of the home, creating scenes, backdrops and appealing features that take us on a journey within a journey.  


The matt base tiles, in warm, elegant shades, are a give-away to the craftsmanship inspiration of the tiles, recalling Italian terracotta tiles with their pleasing tactile sensations.

The wall tiles, decorated with super-glossy 3D relief patterns, bring a shiny allure and a dynamic colour effect, while the mosaics can be used to decorate and to create shelfs and niches with LED lighting that are sufficient on their own to furnish the room.

The same opportunity is offered by the Summer floor tiles, able to furnish a room and give it a distinctive style without using furniture or accessories and satisfying the need for comfort and beauty as well as space.

The stoneware tiles (80x80), with their robust, material appeal, offer a glimpse of subtle mineral residues that create shimmering sensations and nuances that vary with the light.


A bathroom tiled throughout with Summer shapes continual emotions, offering different experiences every time in the same room, depending on the details observed.

The variety of the Summer collection is designed to blend seamlessly with all sorts of design approaches, offering maximum freedom and expression for bathroom renovation projects.


Before renovating your bathroom, watch our Italian summer video for some inspiration.