3 steps to a dream bathroom

3 steps to a dream bathroom

Surfaces in harmony, light, airy furnishings and large-size tiles.

Surfaces in harmony, light, airy furnishings and large-size tiles.

These are the secrets to create the bathroom of your dreams:
spacious, inviting, creative and above all tailored to your needs!


Surfaces in harmony and coordinated colours amplify visual perception and bring a light, airy look to the room, for a comfortable, relaxing effect.

Choose a single collection of bathroom tiles, or a number of perfectly coordinated collections to tile floors and walls in order to create a smooth, appealingly whole and an impeccable layout from the point of view of style, featuring ton-sur-ton shades or contrasting colours.

The choice of tiles and furnishings, with a focus on comfort, is enhanced by the accompanying details: lighting (preferably with dimmer solutions to adjust intensity), accessories that match the style of the bathroom, properly coordinated decor elements and finishes to create a comfortable, welcoming allure.


If you’re a fan of light colours, but keen to take on board the decorative power of ceramics, the ideal choice is Bloom, a white-body collection that offers surprisingly style options: relief graphic patterns reminiscent of craftsmanship techniques, such as Star and Print, decorative inserts inspired by nature, classic Mosaics and others with a hexagonal pattern.  
Bloom helps to bring visual continuity to the bathroom, thanks to the 80x160 cm size, a new addition to the world of white-body ceramics that can be used for floor-to-ceiling (240 cm) options with just three slabs and the smallest number of joints possible.


Furnishings can also be created with the bathroom tiles, a style option that offers a very effective way to create harmony and a light, airy overall effect.

The bathroom tiles can offer an elegant solution for the washbasin top, creating all the space necessary for products and accessories; they can also be used to create simple yet spacious console tables and wall shelves for plants such as begonias, ferns, weeping figs and snake plants. They can also be used to embellish the shower area with niches or low walls tiled with ceramics or coordinated mosaics, or as a beautiful, hygienic, easy-to-clean finish for the back of the bathroom fittings.

Also in this case, Bloom is a winning choice because of the light, ductile surface of the white-body tiles, which are easier to handle, cut and perforate, making them not only stylish, but also suitable for more complex applications.



Large-size bathroom tiles are not only right on trend; they’re also the ideal solution for gaining space and adding depth and continuity to the beauty of the surfaces on both floors and walls, to help create a balanced overall look. 

For small bathrooms, it’s best to choose light-coloured tiles, perhaps adding a more vibrant touch with an insert of special decoration or two to highlight a number of points in the room.

In a classic-style dream bathroom, we imagine bright, beautiful, continuous surfaces, such as the marble-effect stoneware of the large 120x278 Fap MAXXI tiles, which can be used to bring a continuous, jointless look to floors and walls, offering maximum design freedom for architectural work and the creation of particular furnishings, thanks to the extra-slim 6 mm thickness.

Fap MAXXI will also appeal to fans of minimal style, thanks to its soft-feel matt surfaces, which are also ideal for creating shelves, washbasin tops or partition walls for the bathroom of your dreams.


Bathroom design is our passion, and we bring technical skills and creativity to it,
as well as fine craftsmanship and innovation, to make your dreams come true.

Every bathroom is a dream!