Tortora [Dove Grey]: Tips and Ideas for Matching Walls and Furnishings

Tortora [Dove Grey]: Tips and Ideas for Matching Walls and Furnishings

Tips and ideas for matching Tortora to walls and floors using different colours and furnishings!

Tortora is a very versatile and trendy colour that has become synonymous with elegance and modern style.
Its neutral tones are ideal for magnificently furnishing the entire home, effortlessly blending with a palette of soothing colours to create sophisticated yet cosy environments.

King of elegant colours

Tortora’s understated beauty and great versatility have captured the imagination of both professionals and interior design enthusiasts, thanks to its ability to blend with diverse shades.
When combined with other shades, it gives life to a unique colour scheme within any setting. It goes without saying that choosing Tortora as the primary colour for furnishing an entire home opens up endless possibilities.
Let’s look at ways to integrate Tortora into your floors, walls and furnishings to create a harmonious look.

Tortora-coloured walls: the best colours for every room

Tortora-coloured walls bring a sense of spaciousness and tranquillity to any room of the home.
The pairing of Tortora and Black offers a pleasant contrast that injects character into modern settings.
Incorporating Brown tones accentuates Tortora's warmer, earthier facets, perfect for creating sophisticated and cosy layouts.
When combined with White, Tortora's radiant and subtle tones are intensified to create a brighter, more refreshing atmosphere. Experimenting with different combinations of colours and materials enables you to discover the beauty and versatility of this neutral tone, transforming your home into an exclusive statement of style.

Harmonious combinations in every room of the home.

The colour Tortora, therefore, offers the opportunity to create an elegant and stylish atmosphere in every room of the home.
In the Living room, it can be paired with black to create stylish contrasts, but it also looks beautiful with brown, beige or ivory accents for a more classic and cosier ambience.
In the Bedroom, it can be coupled with white for a luminous and relaxing effect or with pastel colours, such as antique pink or light blue, to impart serenity and promote a more relaxing ambience.
In the Bathroom, white, grey or black accents introduce a touch of elegance and contemporary style. Dark colours work well in larger spaces, while lighter hues are better suited for smaller floor areas!
In the kitchen, using Tortora on the walls alongside brown creates a warm ambience, while combining it with black and white fosters a more modern look. 

GLIM Tortora

Tortora’s versatility also extends to the selection of materials and surface effects. A perfect example of this is the GLIM super glossy brick.

The luminosity of the glaze seems to make the body of this brick weightless, enhanced by light reflections that highlight even the smallest nuances, making it an excellent choice to cover entire walls. 


The Tortora hue of Summer Ombra is warmer and earthier, evoking Italian landscapes with views of the sea.

Great for bathrooms, it pairs beautifully with lively, mellow hues such as Terracotta, pastel tones and burnished or light shades, depending on the desired effect.

Floors in lighter shades of Tortora can be complemented by dark brown or black furnishings, while darker floors require a brighter touch to avoid making the space feel too heavy.


Tortora can also serve as a backdrop for more sophisticated aesthetics, like those of Ylico Taupe, a decorative wall tile offering new ways to experiment with ceramics.

For example, a romantic boiserie can be created with Ylico Damasc, while entire nature-inspired walls or dramatic backgrounds can be created with Ylico Tropical Rust, as seen in the cover photo. 


Why not add a textured, three-dimensional touch to Tortora?

Easily done with Mat&More Taupe!

This exceptionally modern and eclectic wall tile is great for furnishing an elegant bathroom by combining various shades of taupe, white and grey.


Wrapping up our journey through the endless shades and possibilities of Tortora, we showcase Sheer Taupe in a stunning bedroom. The colour has been enhanced on the wall with the Sheer Bamboo Taupe decoration and on the floor with incredibly soft and textured stoneware tiles.

This harmonious and sophisticated combination instils a wonderful feeling of relaxation!

Choose the elegance of Tortora for your walls and furnishings!