Square bathroom decor or bathroom art?

Square bathroom decor or bathroom art?

Artistic décor ideas for a small, square bathroom!

Artistic décor ideas for a small, square bathroom!

Looking for bathroom décor solutions?
FAP Ceramiche has a truly striking answer to every need: large decorative wall tiles, high-performing, safe, hygienic floor tiles and mosaics and authentic bathroom art for a custom décor look.

Artistic solutions for a small, square bathroom!

If you’re wondering how to bring a touch of art to a small, square bathroom, there’s only one answer: with FAP’s large decorative wall tiles, designed to make the smallest room in the house bigger and more beautiful!
The decorations featured on the large-size tiles boost the sensation of depth, making walls look taller and even the smallest bathrooms appear more spacious. The sensation of depth can also be boosted with linear, uniform, large-size bathroom floor tiles, with a small number of joints, which also makes the room easier to clean.
The wide range of decorations available makes it possible to meet all kinds of style requirements.


A brighter look for a small bathroom

Choosing the right colour is essential for making a room appear bigger. Shades of white and grey are the most popular with interior designers when it comes to décor solutions for a small bathroom.

Bathrooms can be made to appear even more spacious with matt and glossy decorative elements that reflect the light, making the room look brighter and cooler. One example is this bathroom tiled with Deco&More Flower Blue 30.5x91.5, Summer Sale wall tiles and Ylico Grey stoneware tiles on the floor, available in a number of sizes and finishes to suit different settings and room shapes.  



Décor solutions for a square bathroom with shower

FAP MAXXI 120x278 Oxide Corten, an oxidised metal effect for fans of raw chic style, is a sophisticated, contemporary option for separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom fittings in a square bathroom.

The rough appearance is enhanced by the contrast it strikes with the Roma Gold Calacatta Oro marble-effect tiles in two sizes (120x278 and 15x56), which bring a bright, dynamic touch to the room.

Glossy surfaces with mottled veining effects blend smoothly with the burnished copper of the large wall tiles, coordinated with the Roma Gold Calacatta Oro stoneware mosaic tiles, which team beauty with safety on the shower floor.


Ceramic bathroom art

For those who like to be surrounded by beauty, FAP offers authentic bathroom art options: technical, high-performance, large-size tiles featuring textures and patterns with an artistic and botanical inspiration, embellished with glistening relief details that make the walls appear bigger, lengthening the vanishing point and lighting up everything around them.

The wall tiles in the FAP Murals 80x160 collection are a celebration of nature and colour: expanses of flowers, jungles and woodland, as well as geometric patterns decorated with matt and glossy brushstrokes, bringing art into the room that’s synonymous with relaxation.



The evergreen appeal of tropical bathroom décor and mosaics

When it comes to bathroom art, tropical style remains a winning décor trend, perhaps because of its fresh appeal.

The textures and patterns of Tropical Verde Milano Mood in particular are a great way to make bathroom walls look bigger: the overlapping foliage effect, thick yet at the same time light, is highlighted by a bright glaze. Air seems to filter through the leaves, which appear to be swaying in a light breeze, offering the illusion of moving through the wall.

Last but not least, mosaics! Mosaics are an excellent option for boosting the sensation of spaciousness in a small, square bathroom: mosaic tiles bring a bright, dynamic touch to floors and walls, as well as looking beautiful and firm.

Decorating a small or square bathroom has never been easier or more fun.

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