Large format tiles: the advantages

Large format tiles: the advantages

Stoneware wall and floor tiles in large and very large formats. Here’s why architects and interior designers prefer large format tiles.

Stoneware wall and floor tiles in large and very large formats.
Here’s why architects and interior designers prefer large format tiles.


Large format tiles: decorative and visually stunning

The large format allows you to define or reconfigure the layout of a room with just a few characterising elements.

The large format enhances and enriches the overall appearance of the decorations, textures, colours and patterns of the tiles, highlighting even the smallest details. This transforms the tile from a mere functional furnishing element into a decorative and visually stunning element that can define an entire interior design project.


The great quality of the large format undoubtedly lies in its ability to establish the stylistic foundation that inspires and harmonises subsequent choices, ranging from furnishings to accessories. It also makes it possible to develop a cohesive and fluid space that is comfortable to inhabit, work in and explore.

The decorative and striking impact of large slabs is demonstrated through a gradual revealing of small details, luminous shades, vivid or subtle colour changes, reliefs, veins and imperfections that animate the surface, giving it an evocative and natural appearance.

Large format tiles offer freedom in design and expression

The possibilities for effects, colours, decorations and combinations are nearly limitless with large format tiles. They can be adapted to suit any setting based on the technical, aesthetic and expressive needs of both designers and customers.


There are no limits to customisation, even when it comes to decor.

Large format tiles are also designed to create decorations and furnishings that coordinate with floor and wall tiles, such as bathroom furniture, kitchen backsplashes or islands, walk-in wardrobes, fireplaces, columns, consoles, beds, shelves and tables.

Versatility and ease of installation of large format stoneware tiles

Large format tiles enable significant flexibility in terms of customisation, with great agility in drilling, handling, cutting and laying. This reduces and simplifies the work, leading to brighter and more impeccable results, owing to the minimum thickness and great versatility of the slabs.

FAP’s large and very large format tiles are also designed to provide the highest level of compatibility with all the collections while ensuring perfect finishes, thanks to a wide range of special pieces.
This allows for the creation of highly captivating environments with enveloping walls that are decorated to full height using only a few elements.

Aesthetic appeal and seamless continuity

Large format tiles offer a practical and visually appealing solution to achieve continuity in designs by minimising the number and width of joints. This creates a seamless effect in the environment, increasing the sense of space and depth.

The same principle applies to small or confined spaces, where large format tiles in light colours are preferred to create an illusion of more space and brightness.

This is why they have gained popularity in interior design, and architects and designers are increasingly attracted to this type of surface, as it offers a diverse range of effects, decorations and inspirations.