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Interior design 2023. New Trends

Let’s take a look at the leading interior design trends of 2023


Olive green as the main colour for elegant and harmonious interiors, accent walls and a grand comeback of marble and brass. Let’s take a look at the leading interior design trends of 2023.

New colour design trend: Olive Green

Olive green is gaining popularity in interior design due to its unique blend of personality, discreetness and harmony, perfect for combining with other shades. In interior design, it is often used as the main colour, paired with surfaces and details in harmonising or contrasting hues, or as an accent colour to complement the main furnishing items.

FAP has interpreted this colour as both a chromatic element of large multi-coloured decorative surfaces and as the focal point in Summer Olive, a textured, colour-saturated wall tile available in different sizes: 30.5x91.5, Mosaico 30.5x30.5 and Luce Oliva Mosaico 30.5x30.5 matt.

The Summer collection also reflects, or rather embodies, another trend: that of the Mediterranean style, which continues to dominate interior design in 2023, even influencing more distant styles, such as Nordic, to create minimal yet highly inviting furnishings.


The highly decorative YLICO Tropical Green 120x278 wall tiles (pictured) feature layers of vibrant and intense green shades embellished with glossy botanical decorations, the YLICO Flower Falls 120x278 tiles combine nuanced olive green with a cascading array of lacquered flowers and the FAP Murals Tropic Kenzia 80x160 tiles depict a lush, vibrant jungle in a variety of green shades.

All examples of large-size technical ceramic tiles whose size makes them versatile, durable and suitable for custom projects, while also offering great aesthetic beauty.

Accent walls take centre stage in 2023 interior design projects

Patterns, textures, nuances, materials… become majestic and captivating on large-size wall tiles. They offer the possibility of creating extremely impactful and dramatic furnishings, or of embellishing a single wall, using ceramic as a large decorative panel, as in the case of FAP Murals Texture Macro 80x160 (pictured).

The vast range of creative and expressive possibilities offered by large-size wall tiles makes them one of the most popular trends of 2023.


In fact, the possibility of creating dramatic walls with very few elements is a very creative and inspiring architectural technique in both commercial and residential settings. Roma Stone Tropical Intarsi 80X160 is a perfect example of how it can give new and innovative forms to ceramic.

The different shades, including olive green, are created using textures inspired by various materials, thus giving the tiles a rich chromatic and textural diversity that is gradually revealed and accentuated when illuminated by light, highlighting the glossy raised surfaces of the tiles.

The decorative surfaces of Roma Stone Tropical Verde 80x160 are stunning, offering a light and airy atmosphere with great depth. They complement natural and organic materials, like marble, stone and wood, which are all popular materials in interior design.

If you are looking for a smaller size, while keeping with the botanical and wild theme, then Deco&More Tropical Jungle is the ideal choice. It has a unique ethereal pattern in the 30.5X91.5 size, characterised by a glossy touch on the matt background.


Grand comeback of marble and brass in interiors

The 2023 world of interior design is also marked by the comeback of two timeless materials: marble and brass. Marble is noble and ancestral, while brass is ductile and resistant, they are both functional and aesthetically valuable and can give a touch of warmth to any environment.


The pairing of these materials creates exquisitely contemporary interiors with an elegant allure thanks to the contrast between the classic and glossy charm of marble and the rougher texture of Corten slabs, as seen in the Roma Stone (in the cover photo) and Roma Gold (opposite) collections of marble-effect porcelain stoneware wall tiles, available in a variety of sizes, finishes and decorations.