10 tips for a vertical garden in the home

10 tips for a vertical garden in the home

Guide to creating a vertical garden at home: a stylish transformation for indoor and outdoor areas, to bring some greenery into the city.

A greener home, without taking up space! Let’s see how to decorate your living spaces with a vertical garden.

1. A vertical garden in the home

Planting a vertical garden in the home is an appealing, innovative solution to bring the beauty of nature into our homes.
Mission: to make the most of the space available, and to bring a fresh, green touch to the home, with 10 smart tips to create a vertical garden that’s practical, easy to manage and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Choose the right wall

Identify the right wall in your home, which must be free and well lit. it’s best to opt for a wall near a window, to make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight.

3. Select the plants

Choose plants that are suitable for growing vertically: ivy, ferns, tillandsia or grasses, aromatic herbs such as mint, rosemary, sage and thyme, and succulents.
Make sure the plants you choose have similar requirements in terms of light and watering; this will simplify maintenance.

4. Plant compositions

Create balanced, attractive compositions by mixing the different plant varieties with complementary colours and shapes.
Use the heights and arrangements of the plants to create depth and dimensional effects.

5. Regular maintenance

Take care of your plants with regular maintenance, which includes pruning, fertilising and pest control.
Monitor the needs of each plant carefully and adapt maintenance accordingly.

6. Hanging baskets for vertical gardens

Use hanging baskets or wall shelves for the plants, or modular structures specifically designed for vertical gardens.
Make sure the baskets have a good drainage system, to avoid stagnation. Make sure you water and spray them regularly, to keep your plants moist and happy. 

7. Create a green work of art

Unleash your creativity and create your very own green work of art.
Experiment with different plant shapes, colours and textures to create a dynamic, eye-catching effect.

You can also decorate the room with wall tiles on a botanical or floral theme: tiles with natural textures, featuring dynamic patterns, 3D decorations and glossy inserts able to recreate an authentic indoor landscape; just a few elements will suffice, thanks to the large 80x160 size. You’ll find a rich catalogue of decorative, smart maxi tiles with patterns ranging from jungle style to romantic chic!

8. Vertical gardens for open-plan spaces

In open-plan living spaces, you can use vertical gardens to create dividing walls, or make the most of ceilings by creating constellations of floating plants such as spider plants or pothos, which add a touch of green without taking up space.

9. The perfect tiles for a vertical garden in the home

Wood-effect stoneware is undoubtedly the ideal choice to highlight the natural appearance of your living space.

Solid, high-tech tiles that stand up well to humidity yet are able to create an extremely realistic wood effect, for a warm, inviting atmosphere ideal for your plants.

10. Enjoy your vertical garden

A vertical garden can transform the look and feel of your home, creating a setting that’s healthier, greener and more attractive.

Creating the garden can be a truly therapeutic, very stimulating experience.
So you can finally enjoy the vertical garden in your home, relaxing in an oasis of peace and beauty and being inspired by the fresh vitality of the greenery around you.