Decorative tiles for interiors. Art meets imagination, shaping new indoor landscapes

Decorative tiles for interiors. Art meets imagination, shaping new indoor landscapes

In the world of décor and design, decorative tiles for interiors offer a unique opportunity to turn living spaces into “manifestos” of Creativity, Art and Nature.

With their Imaginative drive, these tiles are an invitation to create and explore new indoor landscapes, where beauty blends seamlessly with function, for the joy of designers and homeowners!

How to give your home a new look with a decorative effect

The three main assets of this interior design mission are: Creativity, Art and Nature. And the instrument?
Decorative tiles! Using them to give your home a new look can prove an exciting adventure, especially when you have a wide variety of decorations, patterns, effects, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Whether we’re looking at some minor renovation work or a broader design project, decorative tiles can completely turn around the appearance of any setting. From geometric motifs to floral patterns, as well as three-dimensional textures and lines reminiscent of the world of art, the options really are endless, and more importantly, each Occupant can put their very own style stamp on their living spaces, offering options within each option.

Decoration in design trends

In current design trends, decorative tiles for interiors play a key role, thanks to their ability to add personality and character to living spaces. Trends range from minimalist patterns and neutral tones to bolder, more vibrant designs, offering a wide range of options for all kinds of styles and tastes.

The important thing is to strike a balance between creativity and function, so that the decorative tiles can blend smoothly into the surrounding environment.

The decorative effect of the tiles

The decorative effect of the tiles is about more than a strikingly beautiful appearance, and extends to comprise tactile sensations and spatial perception.  

Textures and patterns can create an interplay of light and shade that brings a pleasant sensory appeal to floors and walls, adding depth and movement.

Art and Imagination for new indoor landscapes

A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy

Juan Montoya


And this is where decorative tiles really come into their own, accompanying the eye through the living space and stimulating Creativity and Imagination… and when elements of Nature are reproduced, these tiles can be used to create indoor landscapes, secret gardens, windows on the world able to awaken positive sentiments.

An essential prerogative for the contemporary Occupant, who more than ever before sees their living spaces as a safe haven, a place for rest, regeneration and pleasure.

So let’s take a look at décor solutions for these living spaces to host the good life. 

Living area décor ideas

The living area is the heart of the home, the place we spend most time in, the place where family and friends come together to engage and relax.

Using decorative tiles for the décor of this area can contribute to everyday wellbeing, by creating an inviting atmosphere with a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Color > Mood Tropical Blue is the ideal decorative wall tile to shape the layout of the living area.

The large 120x278 size, featuring a maxi nature-inspired pattern, can be used to decorate an entire wall with just a few tiles, bringing a breath of fresh air into the room with sophisticated, relaxing shades of grey and blue.

Tropical decorative style can be shaped with other patterns and colours, including green, rust, black and white, and with different graphic and material effects, such as the glossy lacquering and pleasing relief textures of the FAP decorations.

A wide variety of solutions are also open to fans of floral decorative tiles, featuring everything from dainty little material flowers resting on surfaces with little drops of light, such as Flower Blue and Flower Romance from the Deco & More collection, to the large floral cascades of Ylico Flower Falls, or the romantic Peony.

The kitchen obviously requires resistant tiles that are easy to clean and able to guarantee hygiene and safety.

It can still be decorated with Art and Imagination, thanks to stoneware and ceramic wall tiles that team performance with decorative beauty, such as Deco & More Ramage White (25x75), a splendid glossy pattern inspired by nature that glides across a matt background.

Décor for modern open-plan living spaces

In modern open-plan living spaces, in which the living area blends seamlessly with the kitchen, decorative tiles can play a key role in defining the functions of the different areas.

Used to mark off spaces or as a decorative element on floors and walls, they can help create a setting that flows smoothly and attractively, in which each area has its own clear identity yet is perfectly integrated into the living space as a whole.

Generous spaces offer the chance to express your creativity to the full, allowing you to create large, beautifully decorative walls. One example is Color > Mood Green Trees.

These large (120x278) porcelain stoneware tiles create the impression of a living space that opens out onto the greenery, lit up by the glimmer of the little glossy relief effects.

To bring a touch of warmth to the urban look of open-plan areas, an attractive option is wood-effect flooring, which can run right through the living space, leaving it up to the wall tiles to mark off and decorate the areas within it.

Décor ideas for the master bedroom

Decorative wall tiles offer the opportunity to create a restful, regenerating atmosphere, by creating an authentic forest in the bedroom.

This is the extraordinary power wielded by the large stoneware Wood Fog tiles in the Ylico collection, in which the concrete effect is softened by an exquisitely detailed pattern in which the material essence of the 120 x 278 wall tiles fades delicately into the mysterious atmosphere of the forest.

In terms of both material and colour, these wall tiles are the perfect complement to the stone-effect Nobu wall tiles, forming a subtle, smooth, elegant whole. The perfect refuge in which to get back in tune with ourselves and with Nature.

The transition from the bathroom to the master bedroom can be styled in tactile shapes with Nobu, a stone-effect stoneware wall tile with an extremely natural, material look that brings a subtle touch of elegance.

This decorative element plays a predominant furnishing role that requires no further furnishing elements or accessories, creating a beautifully simple, modern, sensory effect that has nothing to envy a spa.

Bathroom mirrors are of course a must, to make the space look bigger and brighter and to enhance the beauty of the decorative tiles chosen.

In conclusion, FAP decorative tiles, with their ability to bring landscapes indoors, offer an invitation to explore new aesthetic avenues and creative possibilities that turn your living spaces into designer interiors.