FAP Lifestyle: craftsmanship, research and passion

FAP Lifestyle: craftsmanship, research and passion

The details are not the details. They make the design.

These are the words of Charles Ormond Eames, a US architect, designer and film director who - together with his wife Bernice Alexandra Kaiser, better known as Ray Eames - revolutionised 20th Century design, by inaugurating what has been defined as “organic design”.

It is precisely on the details that we concentrate in this new issue of the Magazine.

Craftsmanship, research and passion

Craftsmanship, research and passion are the key words that distinguish FAP collections and which can be found in every single tiny detail.
Each new project draws on different sources of inspiration, unveiling the bewitching shapes and the amazing colours of Nature’s canvas.
These inspirations are then practically applied thanks to craft-based techniques, through the search for materials - often unprecedented - capable of generating the desired effects and shapes, with the ultimate aim of rousing positive emotions.

Research and experimentation with new techniques and materials are the distinguishing features of Fap’s contemporary craftsmanship: a creative and passionate process that taps into the expressive potential of ceramic, supplementing it with colours, shapes, movement and special effects, to generate endless possibilities for architects, designers and design lovers to furnish and decorate interior spaces.

Natural appeal and lifestyle: towards organic design

While Nature is the maestro, fashion and above all lifestyle also have a lot to teach us. Indeed, FAP considers the new lifestyles and needs of the contemporary Dweller in its attempt to meet hidden needs, such as the intimate connection with natural elements, colours that reassure and soothe the soul, to achieve harmony and well-being in every space, from residential to contract settings.

This is the reasoning behind the Decor Box project, which is packed with graphics, colours, variations in shade, 3D reliefs and extra glossy details, the FAP MAXXI 120 x 278 sizes and the FAP EXXTRA 80 x 160 slabs which unleash nature’s power within - stone and marble bring the world indoors, thanks to large natural décors: colour-packed sinuous shapes, blooming meadows, jungles, forests and cascading flowers.

FAP is a chromatic symphony of textures and sensations, a sensory journey into the realm of colour, where welcoming settings can be customised and mixed & matched.
Nature is outside, but inside too.

Indeed, “organic design” that draws its inspiration from nature, tapping into a world of shapes and colours, endless shades and immaculate details that not only redefine the layout and style of interior settings, but also the atmospheres and sensations which well-designed furnishings can convey!