Urban landscapes and architecture of the future

Urban landscapes and architecture of the future

Exploring the architecture of the future to understand what the new urban landscapes and interiors of tomorrow will look like.

Exploring the architecture of the future to understand what the new urban landscapes and interiors of tomorrow will look like.

Architecture is moving towards a new way of conceiving and living spaces, one which prioritises quality of life, sustainability and wellbeing. It also combines technology and respect for the environment, which is also expressed in maintaining harmony between architectural forms and the urban context.

The future of architecture is a blend of Green and Tech, where automation and artificial intelligence are harnessed to make life healthier, more pleasant and sustainable.

One of the prime examples is the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023, Copenhagen.

The buildings of this city are beautiful, efficient and functional, while traffic and mobility are carefully managed to reduce the carbon footprint.

Open-air living rooms, green spaces that also extend vertically into the sky, and a blend of old and new architectural styles.

Futuristic Architecture

Smart city: the development of regeneration and green initiatives

New cities and new architectural complexes are conceived as real organisms which fit perfectly into the architectural, urban and geographical context. Emphasis is put on incorporating local materials, while also using advanced technologies to increase comfort and energy efficiency.

The design and expansion of an area are always accompanied by urban regeneration projects that contemplate the creation of spaces for people to interact socially.

Futuristic Architecture

The green element is essential for this area, both to improve the air quality and microclimate of the area, and to satisfy the aesthetic and psychological needs of its inhabitants.

Any natural green areas that are missing from the city must be brought back in some way.

Italy’s best example is the “Bosco Verticale”, designed by Stefano Boeri’s architectural firm. These buildings have redesigned the skyline of Milan and become the symbol of a modern and progressive city, a prototype of what urban architecture may look like in the future.

Interior design of the future

Interior design reflects the new forms of architecture and responds to the trend by favouring natural materials, or those inspired by nature, exploiting cutting-edge technologies to create comfortable, efficient, low-impact environments that have a way of speaking to the senses. They are enveloping and include plenty of room for social relations and plants and trees.

FAP Ceramiche products are inspired by this same Green and Tech combination: natural elements – water and clay – are worked in such a way to create items that can be easily recycled, designed to guarantee durability, resistance, hygiene, safety and great performance.

A technological heart of great beauty: refined aesthetics developed through experimentation and the recovery of traditional and artistic techniques, a vast amount of effects, formats and decorations that are continually enriched, following the evolutions in architecture and lifestyle, and catering to the new needs of the inhabitant.

All the FAP collections, particularly the Decor Box and Large sizes, prominently feature nature through the use of layered graphics, colours and patterns, designed to create interior landscapes, to open windows and bring indoors the feeling of a breeze that moves a flowering meadow or the foliage of a mysterious forest, the wind that makes the leaves or the wild ramage of a jungle resonate.

Futuristic Architecture
Futuristic Architecture

This is how design engages in a dialogue with the new architectural landscape, and addresses the desire for people to inhabit spaces that breathe and allow them to breathe.

This fundamental need for nature and vitality led to the creation of the Roots collection (opposite), wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles inspired by the essence of oak, and Nativa collection (in the cover photo), stoneware tiles that combine the natural and raw beauty of stone with contemporary elegance.