Maximalist Bathroom Decor

Maximalist Bathroom Decor

Maximalist Colour and Design: FAP reinvents bathroom decor.

Maximalist Colour and Design: FAP reinvents bathroom decor.

What is Maximalist? It is the perfect style for those who love to experiment, take risks and play with beauty without the fear of exaggerating. This style also appeals to those who delight in playing with contrasts, defying conventional interior design rules, as well as collectors and avid travellers who adore art and treasured mementos… even within the realm of bathroom decor!

Let’s forget the notion of “less is more”
In the maximalist style, exaggeration reigns supreme. Everything is much more dramatic, exuberant and colourful!
The space is used in a creative way and is literally filled and decorated without limitations, even in the most unexpected areas like the ceiling.

An extravagant décor that is richly saturated yet never descends into chaos.
In fact, nothing is haphazardly arranged: even components that appear to be different in terms of style, era or materials are in fact connected by a unifying concept. This concept perfectly expresses the thoughts, desires and aspirations of the homeowner.


The Maximalist style allows for maximum expression

Unbounded by rules but guided by recurring motifs, it embraces an exaggerated decorative style, a rich variety of patterns and textures, and a triumph of colours, furnishings, art pieces, antiques and objects that appear to be arranged randomly.

A “full house” that never tires because it maintains an inherent internal harmony.

maximalist bathroom

Wunderkammer of wonders

Key aspects of the Maximalist style not to be overlooked:

  • Mix&match: very different styles, eras, shapes, materials and colours coexist harmoniously!
  • Lots of furniture in various styles, such as antique, modern, vintage, ethnic, boho.
  • Bold, vibrant, vivid and contrasting colours
  • Unusual patterns featuring geometric, botanical, floral, animal and jungle motifs.
  • Incorporation of paintings, prints, wall decorations, neon signs. 
  • Lamps and chandeliers ranging from opulent to vintage and futuristic designs.
  • Collections of various kinds, including objects, books, souvenirs…
  • Vibrantly coloured carpets and textiles.

In short, a Wunderkammer of wonders, without succumbing to kitsch! The bathroom is no exception.

maximalist bathroom


Maximalist bathroom decor

Decorating the bathroom in a Maximalist style can be incredibly liberating.

This new eclectic design trend allows you to create a relaxing yet indulgent place for daydreaming, reliving cherished memories or envisioning future fantasies.

A true entertainment space!


The Maximalist bathroom decor has only one rule: go for the wow factor!

This is accomplished through the incorporation of designer sanitary ware, unnecessary and bizarre accessories, or absolutely essential accessories with unusual shapes, eccentric lighting fixtures, vibrantly coloured and textured floors, as well as lavishly decorated walls.

maximalist bathroom
maximalist bathroom


A game of bold combinations

Irregularly shaped bathtubs, large shower enclosures decorated with floor-to-ceiling tiles and floor mosaics, use the same wall tiles or floors to create customised furnishings and washbasin tops featuring blocks of contrasting colours, or combine different ceramic collections, and finally occupy the space vertically with shelves to showcase your collection of accessories, perfumes or skincare products, hanging plants and out-of-context objects.

Size matters

The Maximalist Style is flashy and extravagant, characterised by large dimensions, bold and exuberant maxi-decorations, expansive patterns and textures saturated with colour. So make room for:


Wall Tiles Decor Box, a unique combination of design, decorative flair and large sizes, which draws inspiration from diverse expressive languages like fashion and artistic craftsmanship. These tiles boast a rich variety of textures and motifs, including floral, botanical, geometric, naïf, baroque, relief and jungle, distinguished by solid colours and 3D and super-glossy decorations.

They are the perfect wall tiles to transform your bathroom into a real art gallery!

maximalist bathroom


FAP’s large formats: large slabs that perfectly align with the Maximalist aesthetic to create continuous surfaces, floor-to-ceiling decorated walls with very few elements and very few joints, custom-made furnishings, using an extensive repertoire of decoration options!

A flowing, dramatic space brimming with texture, colour and decoration, offering a spectrum that spans from opulent luxury to romantic chic, as well as ultra-modern and glamorous.

maximalist bathroom

If you are a design lover and want to create a bathroom décor in the maximalist style, we recommend checking out FAP’s extra-large wall tiles and hyper-decorations!

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