Green Interior Design

Green Interior Design

Green design solutions to welcome nature indoors

Interior design has an increasingly green focus, thanks to the physical and mental benefits plants bring, comforting the eyes, relaxing tension, warding off negative thoughts and sharpening cognitive abilities.
Considering that, on average, every European citizen spends 90% of their time indoors, according to the WHO, the consolidation of the green interior design trend can be explained easily.
Thus, the art of greenery meets architecture, craftsmanship and design, bringing nature indoors for a smoother shift between outdoors and indoors.

Green interior design: the new approach to designing living spaces

Architectural green design is increasingly a feature in the design of both living spaces and other spaces.
The more structural solutions include green roofs and cladding, able to guarantee excellent insulation and an ideal indoor microclimate. More accessible options include walls with climbing plants, hanging flower baskets, gardens and vertical vegetable gardens.
As regards interior design, indoor vertical gardens can be created using the proper techniques, choosing stabilised plants such as flat moss, lichens, polemoss, and indoor plants that do not require particular care: agave, kentia, monstera, pothos and sansevieria.

Green designers also recommend furnishings in natural materials or fibres, such as wood, stone and fabrics that recall nature.

It is also possible to create gardens that do not require any care or maintenance, simply using ceramic material as a covering for walls or backdrops, with decorative wall tiles able to recreate a natural, botanical environment, bringing a fresh allure and wellbeing indoors.

How to create a designer indoor garden

Airy, bright and striking, the Ylico collection of wall tiles, teamed with concrete-effect stoneware floor tiles, offers the opportunity to create an entire wall with a natural inspiration, using a small number of elements, thanks to the large 120x278 size.

Take a look at Ylico Tropical Green, for instance!
In addition to bringing a touch of green charm to the room, it enhances the light thanks to the shimmering, glazed relief texture.

Green Design
Green Design

Another splendid wall tile, easy to install and also available in a floral version, is Ylico Flower Falls: an authentic cascade of glistening petals with a relief texture that stand out against the matt surfaces, characterised by impressive perspective depth, which amplifies the space and creates an almost “dusty” effect that appears to saturate the air with purple pollen, literally opening the room out onto a garden in bloom.  

A minimal number of elements is required to create a marvellously stylish green interior design project.

FAP also explores the floral theme with the subtly glimmering petals of Ylico Flower Concrete, a covering material in tones of white, silver and shades of blue, for a delicate yet striking effect, or with the delightful fragments of rose petals featured on Ylico Petals, embellished with glossy textures that seem to fluctuate on rice paper.


Among the materials chosen for green interior design are of course trees, which can be brought indoors thanks to porcelain stoneware, allowing you to enjoy a beautifully natural effect, teamed with all the advantages offered by a technical, resistant material such as wood-effect stoneware, on both walls and floors.

It is also an interesting option to create connections between indoor and outdoor décor, for a smooth transition from the bedroom or living area out onto terraces or gardens.

Green Design
Green Design


There’s also something for green design lovers seeking to create an authentic indoor forest, thanks to Ylico Wood Fog, in the large 120x278 size, which literally envelops the observer in a natural embrace, as they look out onto an enchanted forest.

This sensation can also be created with the extraordinary FAP Murals Flower Corten surface, in which the plants of an autumn woodland appear to have been crystallised by a cascade of shimmering rust.  


Fresher and wilder is the jungle theme, an authentic must for Green Interior Design. Fap offers a number of options: Deco&More Tropical Green, classic yet brilliant, just like Milano Mood Tropical Verde, both featuring matt and glossy textures. Other possibilities include more original wall tiles such as Roma Stone Tropical Verde (on the cover), and even more distinctive solutions such as FAP Murals Tropical Kenzia, which combines a lush pattern and intense colours with a raised geometric texture, almost a counter-texture, and even the brand-new

Roma Stone Tropical Intarsi (in the photo), on which each branch and each leaf is created using a different type of stone, offering particularly vibrant graphics.

Green Design

Nature steps into the home with FAP, ça va sans dire, thanks to a wide range of decorative options inspired by the most interesting species of plants and flowers and featuring rich, intense material surfaces!

Get some inspiration here for your next Green Interior Design project