Furnishing a beach house…to love

Furnishing a beach house…to love

How to decorate a beach house to create a sweet and carefree ambience

How to decorate a beach house to create a sweet and carefree ambience

Furnishing a beach house to suit individual comfort and enhance the quality of our time spent there is a privilege that deserves to be cherished until the very end. So let’s set some high goals. Irrespective of whether it’s a new project, a major renovation or a simple restyling, and regardless of whether you hire an architect or interior designer or do it yourself, the goal should be to design a beach house interior that can be enjoyed all year round, even during the winter months!

Furnishing a beach house: the fundamentals

Aesthetics and functionality go hand and hand

The house should be comfortable, easy to manage, easy to clean, and inviting. Therefore, opting for versatile, lightweight, folding, and easy-to-move furniture is ideal. Consider incorporating elements like a kitchen island to create space for socialising and fostering a convivial atmosphere. Opt for chairs made of technical materials, armchairs made of rattan suitable for outdoor use, and extendable tables, sofa beds and loft beds (if ceiling height permits). Lastly, choose dependable porcelain stoneware and ceramic wall tiles for effortless cleaning, safety and low maintenance.

Openings between the inside and outside.

If it is possible to modify the walls, create as many openings as possible towards the outside by widening windows or transforming them into glass doors.
Adding windows or arches between rooms can help brighten and open up the space.

If your beach house does not have a garden, you can always recreate an indoor landscape using ceramic tiles. Choose from a wide range of botanical, floral or jungle-themed decorations offered by FAP.

Seaside home furnishings

The look and feel of a postcard come to life… an unforgettable holiday!

The decor of a beach house should focus on simplicity and functionality without compromising on visual appeal.

As a guideline, in addition to your personal taste and the atmosphere you wish to recreate, we propose enhancing the materials in your beach house decor by drawing inspiration from the colours of the surrounding landscape and capturing the essence of the local nature or the region’s handicraft traditions.

Seaside home furnishings

You can’t go wrong with furnishings made from eco-friendly and organic materials, fresh and natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and lampshades crafted from natural fibres that emit a warm light. Decorating the outdoors with lots of small lights creates a magical atmosphere akin to the graceful dance of fireflies. In addition, the incorporation of candles and, of course, an abundance of greenery is essential for any living environment.

In pursuit of harmony

Achieving harmony is guaranteed by employing primary colours such as white, sand and pastel tones, which harmonise with the colours of the sea, sky and local plant species.

The selection of flooring materials also contributes to the overall sense of harmony, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes while influencing the perception of space and promoting cohesiveness. Consider using large stoneware slabs.

The Mediterranean style has become one of the most popular options when furnishing a beach house, as it harmonises beautifully with the surrounding environment and architecture. Let’s take a look at some examples together.

How to decorate a beach house in the Mediterranean style

As we said, furnishing with the typical colours and materials of the landscape is a winning choice. Beach houses are always full of artificial and natural inspirations and iconic aspects such as olive trees, lemon trees, artistic expressions and local traditions.

We have chosen FAP’s Summer collection to create an interior ambience that evokes the scents and sensations of an Italian summer. This collection features Wall Tiles and Porcelain Stoneware with natural tones and tactile designs reminiscent of handcrafted terracotta.

Multi-sensorial surfaces that are porous and imperfect like natural elements, yet vibrant and luminous, are ideal for floor and wall combinations capable of creating a relaxing environment.

Seaside home furnishings
Seaside home furnishings

And why not decorate your home with the same colours as the sea, the sparkling waves and reflections on the shoreline? The Mare shade and Track Mare decoration from the Summer collection are perfect choices.

Beautiful colour shades and decorations, outlined on matt ceramic tiles with glossy reliefs, create unending vibrations throughout the space, giving the impression of being outdoors.

In larger bathrooms, it is possible to recreate the beauty of a tropical garden with Roma Stone, the collection of nature-inspired Wall Tiles & Porcelain Stoneware with an eclectic, enveloping and energetic character.

It is the perfect choice for transforming an elegant master bathroom into a revitalising and modern haven, evoking the serene ambience of a private spa where you can relax after a day spent enjoying the sun!

Seaside home furnishings
Seaside home furnishings

Wood can also be an excellent option for beach house furnishings, provided you choose the appropriate wood essence.

The key is Roots, a porcelain stoneware oak-effect tile with an incredibly natural and vibrant colour. It is excellent for bedrooms or for furnishing small sitting rooms, providing an ideal space for leisurely days of relaxation. Thanks to the collection’s technical features and wide range of sizes, it is also suitable for outdoor applications.

If your beach house overlooks a private garden, surrounded by countryside or a pine forest, consider creating an additional living space, such as an “open-air” kitchen or living area, covered with the same beautiful indoor wall and floor tiles.

Nativa, a collection that faithfully reproduces stoneware and natural marble, would be a perfect fit for this space. The same material can be used to customise the furnishings and even cover the table, offering a fully immersive experience in nature. Choose from a selection of elegant and contemporary options, including Sand, White and Grey, available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Seaside home furnishings