Designer mirrors and modern washbasins are the best choices for a modern bathroom

Designer mirrors and modern washbasins are the best choices for a modern bathroom

Round, rectangular or shaped: how to choose the best designer bathroom mirrors and washbasins

In the world of contemporary interior design, the bathroom has taken on an increasingly central role, evolving from a purely functional space to an oasis of relaxation and style.
A room to proudly flaunt, similar to the living room, where you can express your personality.

Today, we are talking about designer bathroom mirrors and original and customised washbasins to furnish a modern and functional bathroom.

Bathroom ideas. Round, rectangular or shaped: how to choose the best mirrors.

Once just a functional furnishing accessory, the bathroom mirror has now emerged as the undeniable star of aesthetics, adding brightness and a sense of openness to the space.
It becomes an essential component in contemporary bathroom design when paired with modern, preferably customised, washbasins.

Wall mirrors and washbasins contribute to creating a unique blend of design and functionality that effortlessly complements any style.

How to choose designer bathroom mirrors

As we have seen, mirrors play a crucial role in visually expanding space, making them an essential element in bathroom decor.
Accompanied by the proper lighting, they enhance both natural and artificial light, creating a bright and welcoming environment.

Choosing a bathroom mirror isn’t just about aesthetics, but also about lighting. The mirror can be incorporated with LED lights, diffused lighting, or backlit systems to create a relaxing atmosphere, as well as anti-fog systems to ensure clear vision, even in humid conditions.

Bathroom mirrors come in various styles, ranging from simple, clean designs to more artistic and decorative models. Round, oval, rectangular or shaped with innovative frames… they offer endless customisation options that can be tailored to fit any bathroom size and style.

The frames of designer mirrors can become an important furnishing accessory, combining practicality and aesthetics in a single element. They can act as a guide for choosing the overall décor, including washbasins, floors, shower trays, boiseries, niches and shelves.

A customised solution that explores the diverse furnishing possibilities of ceramics!

Amazing combinations

The FAP+ project expands the scope of ceramic furnishing options, presenting an amazing variety of endless combinations. Mirrors with clean yet sophisticated lines can be customised and paired with either a suspended or countertop washbasin, choosing from a variety of shapes, colours and decorative frames.

Sguardi designer mirrors come in four original shapes, Arco, Oblò, Portale and Quadro, and five colours, Azzurra, Esmeralda, Rosalba, Gaia and Bianca.

The customisable ceramic frame allows for the integration of multiple FAP collections, fostering personal creativity.

Cont+tatto bathroom washbasins are available in round and oval shapes, in a countertop or free-standing version, and are entirely covered in porcelain stoneware – a perfect material for bathrooms due to its exceptional performance and hygienic qualities.

This furnishing accessory ensures maximum practicality, durability and safety while showcasing all the exquisite beauty of the Gemme collection’s onyx-effect stoneware tiles in the colours Cielo, Rosa, Menta, Beige and Bianco.

Therefore, you can opt for luxurious bathroom furnishings with glossy, reflective surfaces to achieve a sublime total look.

Sguardi and Cont+tatto from the FAP+ collection are ideal architectural design solutions for creating visual harmony, optimising space and adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to the modern bathroom.