Bathroom trends and spring colours

Bathroom trends and spring colours

Bathroom décor with spring elements and colours: the art of bringing your own personal touch to the bathroom with FAP+ colours, décor elements and furnishings.

When it comes to design, renovation and décor, the bathroom is one of the places we devote the closest attention to in the home, because it requires a careful study of the dimensions and fittings to make it practical, comfortable and functional, as well as all the loving care the smallest room in the house deserves to ensure it looks and feels inviting.

As we head into spring, it’s natural to consider how we can bring a new shot of energy to the bathroom, with fresh colours and lively décor elements.

The golden rules of bathroom décor

Before delving into the details, it’s important to get a grasp of the golden rules for the bathroom.
Function must always take priority, paying particular attention to the layout to optimise the space available.
For a practical setting for everyday use, it’s also crucial to choose materials that are easy to clean and resistant to humidity.
The must-have features of bathroom décor are a free-standing tub and pedestal or countertop washbasin, designer mirrors with built-in lighting, showers flush with the floor for seamless surfaces that boost the sensation of depth and facilitate cleaning.
The choice of tiles and flooring also plays a key role, of course, for both aesthetic and technical reasons, because it is able to define the style and atmosphere of the bathroom, even simply thanks to the colour/s selected.

The role of colour

Coloured tiles offer endless options for bringing your own personal touch. From delicate pastels to vibrant floral details, there really is no limit to the ways in which you can add a fresh, lively touch.
The colours trending right now range from neutral, subtle pastel shades to warmer, more earthy hues.
The styles in vogue include total look, colour blocking and large decorative tiles to embellish the free wall, and Venetian terrazzo.
A bolder alternative can be more intense, vibrant shades, especially with a gloss finish, such as the one you’ll find on our superbly colourful GLIM porcelain stoneware brick tiles, which are also a particularly functional choice.
The collection also includes stoneware tiles with a Venetian terrazzo effect, which can be laid on both walls and floors, or used to create shelves and other furnishing elements.

Decorative ideas

If a decorative bathroom is on your wish list, the best option are large 80x160 cm smart tiles, because they simplify operations thanks to the small number required, and are able to create stunning, artistic effects.
FAP smart slabs come with all sorts of effects and patterns, allowing you to choose from marble, stone, concrete, weathering steel, matt and glossy 3D decorations and decorative wall tiles ideal for a modern bathroom that’s a perfect reflection of your own unique style.
The bathroom fittings can also add to the decorative effect, with attractive design, appealing shapes, sensual textures and volumes, and of course striking colour. This is the aspiration of FAP+.
Con+tatto washbasin, available in three variants and an endless variety of finishes, and Sguardi mirrors to decorate, reflect and illuminate the beauty of your bathroom! The series features four different shapes, which can be customised in a range of colours.

Mix and match

As you can see, mixing and matching textures, materials and colours is a winning strategy to define the style of your bathroom.
You can combine smooth tiles with 3D tiles, or create colour block effects in similar or contrasting shades; or you can opt for wood panelling or full walls covered with smart slabs; you can choose a different texture for just one of the walls, or a striking accent wall featuring bold patterns or elaborately decorative tiles.

The important thing is to create an attractive environment in tune with your inner self and with a beautiful, splendidly comfortable ambience.