16 December 2015

Collections inspired by the eternal appeal of materials

An exclusive fil rouge runs through the new collections presented by FAP ceramiche at Cersaie 2015, with products inspired by the undying appeal of history and materials. New products going “beyond time” in the quest for timeless elegance and transforming them into new contemporary classics. Like the Roma series of floor and wall coverings inspired by the textures of marble and stone, offering a new interpretation of great Italian style in 6 different colours - Statuario, Grafite, Calacatta, Pietra, Imperiale, and Travertino – ranging from large rectified shapes –including the new 50x110 RT extra size – to small sizes with a hand crafted feel. The series also includes two 3D textures and a rich assortment of inserts and mosaics.

The Bark collection of floor coverings is also a new product, a genuine anthem to the beauty of natural wood and Oak in particular, whose Matt finish and three contemporary colours make it stand out from the crowd: Nebbia, Artico, and Avana. The new 7.5x30 shape is original and innovative, and is perfect for parquet style floors. The products for 2015 also include Frame: the extremely versatile, resin-look series with an ample choice of shapes, finishes decorations and trim tiles. The floor coverings are available in 5 colours: Dove, Gold, and Grey in the large 75x150 RT shape, 60x60 RT and 30x60 RT, and in White and Earth for the 60x60 RT and 30x60 RT shapes. These two colours are also available in the range of wall coverings, together with the colours Talc, Sky, and Sand. There are also two new textures that emphasise the material with their three dimensional effects.

The new ideas at FAP have also touched on the Lumina collection of glossy white-body wall tiles, now with the addition of the new Matt finish, the new Diamante three-dimensional texture, and the large 50x110 RT shape, the main new element for 2015 and the result of ongoing research and innovation. And there is also a new look for the Nuances collection of wood-effect floor coverings with the addition of the new 25x150 RT shape with the extra Size board in the colours Faggio, Rovere, and Sandalo.

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