16 December 2015

Lumina, all the heady beauty of light

The Lumina white-body coverings collection unleashes all the power of light. The total white allure of this sophisticated ceramic covering material brings a whole new beauty to surfaces thanks to the new 3D textures. The new versions are: Line, with a sophisticated, contemporary appeal; Rose, emulating the feminine elegance of a delicate carpet of flowers; Curve, which enhances the walls with a sculptural effect featuring soft, graceful waves, and Square, with raised geometries to multiply the effects of the light. The elegant light effects that characterise the collection make Lumina the perfect solution both for totally white settings and for settings where it can be combined with other collections with a striking material effect, such as the woods in the Nuances and Docks collection, where the decorative power of the white is enhanced by the contrast.
Lumina is a contemporary collection with a spectacularly bright allure, allowing for plenty of creative freedom. The unique, confident personality of this collection makes it ideal for splendid designer residential settings. The base tiles are available in a variety of sizes: 30.5x91.5 RT, 30.5x56 RT, 25x75 and 25x45, while the textured tiles are available only in the gloss finish 25x75 size.

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